app connects blind or partially sighted and volunteers app connects blind or partially sighted and volunteers

At the start of October 2013, Hans Jørgen Wiberg appeared at TEDxCopenhagen and announced Be My Eyes. An app that connects the blind or partially sighted and volunteers.

The problem

Visually impaired people must rely on neighbours, friends or family members in order to identify items such as milk that is soon to go out of date, the contents of a tin can and even the contents of their mail.

The solution

The be my eyes app will allow users to record short videos of an item they want to identify, be it a date on a carton of milk, or the contents of a tin can. This video is then delivered to their volunteer network to be identified quickly.

A new piece of software to help the blind and partially sighted is soon to become avaialble.


Instead of playing casual games, we can do casual micro-volunteering and I’m sure that Be My eyes will be an alternative for those that want to do better

-Hans Jørgen Wiberg

Would you be able to spare just 5 each day to answer video questions when asked? Those 5 responses could fulfil the identifitcation needs for a visually impaired person or a whole day, for such a small part of yours.

For those interested in gamification, does anyone see any useful application of gamification methos to increase the use of this? Would love to hear your thoughts


Fundraiser Video – Be My Eyes

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