Are you listed locally? This could save you a heap of time

Are you listed locally? This could save you a heap of time

Is your business listed locally? Are your details on sites such as Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, eLocal and Yell up to date, like really up to date? This tool from Moz could save you a heap of time.

If you have a bricks and mortar store, restaurant, venue or other business, ensuring you’re current premises listings are up to date on the web is super important.


You want people to visit you, right? Imagine having to submit your premises listings to the likes of Foursquare, elocal, Yell, Yelp and the like. If you wanted to change one details like a domain or a phone number, maybe even opening hours, you’d be left having to update each on individually.

Google organic listing

Having a consistent set of information on the web about your business may come into the mix regarding SEO. After all, it’s Google’s job to take a user to the most relevant results based on their search term.

Google AdWords

The basic formula to work out your AdWords score is bid x Quality Score. If your ad is getting more clicks due to consistent information online, then this could be a actor in your Quality Score, and reducing the price you pay for clicks, so it can be a money saver. Kerchhiing! (formally SEOMoz) have launched a tool call Moz local. It lets you upload a spreadsheet of all your different bricks and mortar locations. Moz local then standardises all your information, and distributes it to five data aggregators

InfogroupNeustar Localeze


and then 3 local directories.

Best of the Web Local

The downside

I know I’ve waited until towards the end to say this. but it’s for the US of A only at the moment people. If it was to come to the UK, which local directories do you think it would update for you? Yell? BotW?

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