could help grow your idea could help grow your idea

Have you had an idea but just not quite been able to put it down in a succinct way? could help grow your idea by helping you to write it down, derive tasks from it, get real world validation and more!

It’s not Alpha, it’s Omega

I can’t stress this enough. The software is super super fresh, so it will be full of bugs ready to be squashed, and features to throw into the mix (as the germ team told me). I’m going to keep this post updated with new features and news as it’s released, so come back if you’re desperate to know more. could help grow your idea

What problem does it fix?

The two biggest hurdles between you and your idea are the login and the validation. We’ve all that idea that we’ve sat on for years without it ever seeing the light of day. Granted, some of them may not quite deserve validation (Problem: Cats don’t have a large enough tie selection), but this is one of the things that hopefully germ will help users to understand.

Who could it be useful to?

From what I can see, anybody. We all have a potential game changing idea that’s just waiting to be processed. If upon full release limited functionality is offered for free, then the barrier to entry is going to be simply your time.

What functionality is in the Omega right now?

Not much. As you can see from the screen below I’m able to carry out the following functions

  • log in
  • change profile contents
  • create new germ (idea)
  • eureka a germ (idea)
  • add a collaborator (this is actually a great way to get other friends into the Omega)

The flows and subscribed options aren’t yet available. The expected updates we’re due to receive are detailed here. However the 4 stages of the upcoming beta are

  • Stage 1: Capturing the Eureka and Idea Validation
  • Stage 2: Next Steps and Evolving the Flow
  • Stage 3: Staying up with Notifications
  • Stage 4: Actionable and Execution

Below is what you can see on my screen at this stage could help grow your idea

The curren Omega interface

Vikram (CEO) obviously has a significantly more advanced version, I sneak peak of it can be found below. could help grow your idea

You can follow germ on Twitter and Google+ with a click

What bugs does it currently have?

These will be struck through when squished.

Adding a collaborator, which involves sending him an automated invite, sent out 6 or more reminders to my Omega buddy.

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