Heard about Reddit? How about Reddit advertising?

Heard about Reddit? How about Reddit advertising?

If you’ve met me in person, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a cheerleader for alternative advertising networks. Although the likes of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are still the critical powerhouses of the PPC (Pay Per Click) model, you could reach a clear interest based audience on the likes of Reddit advertising, and it’s not that tough to do, it’s just different.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is pegged as the front page of the internet. It’s made up of around 7000 sub communities, based on topic. Each community has it’s own leader board of top posted links, images, videos or discussions which any member can either up or down vote, based on their opinion of the content. Each of these community’s top posts then compete foe the main leader board of posts on the front page. Got it? To vote, you just need to be logged in. You don’t have to be a subscribed member of a community to vote on a post, although it’s unclear if a vote from a subscribed member has any additional continual weighting over a non subscribed member.

Reddit stats

How active is Reddit? Well, they’re not a public company, so they’re less inclined to publish official stats. The ones they do show is that last month there were 114 493 104 unique visits. There are around 7000 sub communities (called sub Reddits, or /r/ ) covering topics like science,  music, and probably a subreddit for your nearest city (London for my current home and Manchester as the nearest represented city to my hometown on Reddit). Around 15% of its users are 18-29 year old males, although that only applies to the US. Reddit published an astonishing stat that shows it has almost 6.2 million unique UK monthly visitors, but you can expect a hefty amount of that to come through social sharing, with the single visit users never being seen to return. If you’ve visited any of the Reddit communities in depth before, you’ll know that the power doesn’t lie in the numbers, it in the engagement.

Whilst the science and music sub Reddits are two of the numerous standard subscribed /r/, there really is a breadth of different communities. You can find /r/ like farming, fishing, guilty pleasure music , DataIsBeautiful and Eye bleach (it’s really not like it sounds) on Reddit by clicking on the links.

This is an ultra cute post from /r/eyebleach. Puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

Who’s blazed the trail?

The good news, competition is still low on the platform, and it’s been tested by companies small and large. Denny’s, The Economist, Nissan and Makers Mark have all taken out Reddit advertising in 2013, and seen some really good results. reddit-ad4

Your market

The advertising options on Reddit are currently quite basic. You can target by sub Reddit OR location (nearest city if USA, country wide if anywhere else). You pay $0.75 per 1000 impressions when targeting either the front page, a sub Reddit or a country. However, if targeting a city within the US, that comes at an increased cost of $5 per 1000 impressions. If you’re running an ad that’s likely to generate a lot of comments (you can switch comments off), there’s some benefit in increasing the views to encourage engagement.

CPM is the term used in place of “Cost per thousand impressions”. Advertising platforms generally use either CPM, Cost per click or cost per action as their billing method.


How do the costs compare against Facebook?

Looking at the top line figures, a UK targeted post will stand you at £0.45 per 1000 views. When setting up a Facebook ad to UK with Reddit’s key age range, the suggested bid is £0.04-£1.08, but my experience is anywhere between £0.30-£0.70 per 1000 views. The key difference is that you’re able to establish a conversation with users without any real history on Reddit. Neat, eh?

Know your Reddiquette

Reddit users can be quite abrupt, super passionate, crazy engaged and even sometimes a little overzealous (in the positive and negative way) at times. The users do see through sham ads, and will tell you so. That said, Reddit users will give honest advertisers feedback about their product or service. Reddit also has it’s own set of rules deemed Reddiquette


Oddly, this ad is quite suited for the Reddit platform.

Where do you go from here?

What do you have to promote, and are there enough active sub Reddits for you to promote on? If you’re not sure of where to go from here, then it could be useful to have a media buying professional on-board to take you through the first campaign, along with their analytics. You can send me an email at [email protected], call 07815 419876 or fill in the form below and I’ll contact you.

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